Branding & Design

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Branding & Design

When you have both emotional and physical indicators associating a brand, you will be able to recognize a companies message, identity, or even their brand logo.

Any company product can be recreated by competitors in the same market. However, the brand itself is able to remain exclusive among consumers. Great examples of this involve Pepsi and Coca-Cola and the way a consumer chooses one over the other.

With branding design, it shows the way brands allow themselves to be viewed by a consumer. When it comes to the branding design, it involves elements of a brand that are recognizable such as the company slogan, lettering, logo, and any other features that a consumer can relate to and allows a brand to separate itself among competitors.

Other than the specific characteristics of the brand design, the branding design also pertains to the method in which a brand is promoting itself through bothe digital and physical means. This includes brick and mortar locations, an office space, or social media.

It is more important than ever that a company is able to express their brand design in a consistent manner in every avenue through the use of a brand guideline so that their brand´s image can be built up among consumers. This will help create a sense of value and make a consumer return to make future purchases of their products or services.

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